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The Library has a very good collection of digitized resources like theses, dissertation, faculty papers, previous years’ exam-papers, and institutes publications. These resources are accessible within campus and also off-campus through remote login facility and through Google-Drive.

Nirma University, Ahmedabad

Institute of Pharmacy

List of Photograph Albums (129)


Sr. No. Title Acc. No.
1 Foundation Day, Institute of Pharmacy, October 1, 2016 PPH00129
2 Rostrum 2016 (29th and 30th September 2016) PPH00128
3 NIPiCON-2016, 21st -23rd  January, 2016 PPH00127
4 Nirmaquest’ 16 PPH00126
5 Rostrum 2015 (4th and 5th November 2015) PPH0125
6 Public Lecture on Key Nutrients to Prevent Metabolic and

Nervous System Disorders by Prof.Sukhinder Kaur Cheema

7 Foundation Day, Institute of Pharmacy, October 1,  2015 PPH0123
8 Orientation Programme for New Entrants of B. Pharm 24th

August 2015

9 Public Lecture on Global Scenario of Plant Based Indian Drugs

and Their Standardization by Prof. V. K. Joshi, 13th April 2015

10 NCIP-2015 PPH0120
11 NCIP-2015 PPH0119
12 Nirmaquest’ 15 PPH0118
13 National Seminal on Quality by Design for Pharmaceutical

Research on 11th December, 2014

14 Rostrum 2014 Part-2(14th and 15th October 2014) PPH0116
15 Rostrum 2014 Part-1(14th and 15th October 2014) PPH0115
16 Foundation Day, Institute of Pharmacy, October 1,  2014 PPH0114
17 Orientation Programme for New Entrants of B. Pharm 28th

August to 2nd September 2014

18 Public on Graduate Education in the USA; Choosing Discipline

And School By Prof. SunilJambhekar  on July 30, 2014

19 Orientation Programme for New Entrants of M. Pharm. and

 M.Sc in Cosmetic Technology, 22nd July, 2014

20 ISTE Approved Two Week STTP on Dynamics of Scientific

Writing in Pharmaceutical Research, 30th june to 12th July

21 Seminar & Open House on Career Prospects in Pharmacy PPH0109
22 Public Lecture on Regulatory Affairs as an Acadamic

 Discipline by Dr. Eric D. Kupferberg, 2nd April 2014

23 Poster Competition for B.Pharm Sem VIII Students,

18th March 2014

24 Social extension activity at Chharodi, 8th March 2014 PPH0106
25 National Seminar on Nutraceuticals, 26th February 2014 PPH0105
26 Workshop on Process Spectroscopy and Chromatography,

17th – 18th February 2014

27 Nirmaquest‘ 14, 10th February 2014 PPH0103
28 NIPiCON-2014, 23rd -25th January, 2014 PPH0102
29 Workshop on Preclinical Animal Models and Drug Evaluation 

Techniques, 27th December 2013

30 Workshop on Interpretation of Spectral Data, 18th to 

20th December 2013

31 Ph. D. Orientation Programme Anusandhan, 12th to 

14th December 2013

32 Hands on Training on Modern Equipment for Pharmaceutical 

Technology, 6th December 2013

33 Institute of Pharmacy Scholarship Distribution Ceremony,

 21st November 2013

34 Public Lecture on Home Remedies by Dr. K.V. Bard, 18th 

October 2013

35  Social Extension Activity, 17th October 2013 PPH0095
36 Institute of Pharmacy Photography Competition 2013 PPH0094
37 Foundation Day, Institute of Pharmacy, October 1, 2013 PPH0093
38 Rostrum 2013 PPH0092
39 UK. Delegates Visited IP NU., 24 September 2013 PPH0091
40 Orientation Programme for B.Pharm New Entrants, 9th

to 14th September 2013

41 Nirma Institute of Pharmacy Advisory Committee Meeting,

10th August 2013

42 Orientation Programme of M.Pharm Students, 8th to 10th

August 2013

43 Orientation Programme of Existing Students of B.Pharm

 & M.Pharm Students, 8th to 9th July 2013

44 ISTE Approved Short Term Training Programme on Emerging

Technologies in Pharmaceutical Research

45 Staff Training Programme for Effective Personnel Management,

10th June to 20th June 2013

46 Career Guidance Seminar, 25th May 2013 PPH0084
47 Public Lecture Organized as a Part of Celebrating 10 Years of

 Nirma University on Contribution of Science & Technology in

the development of Nation, 26th April 2013

48 National Seminar on Recent Advances in Drug Discovery,

23 March 2013

49 Public Lecture on Pharmacogenetics Genetics of Disease and

Drug Response in Indian Population, 18th March, 2013

50 Nirmaquest‘ 13 PPH0080
51 NIPiCON-2013, 18th -20th January, 2013 PPH0079
52 CSIR Sponsored Workshop on Hands on Training on

Software Related to Computer Aided Drug Design ,

21st & 22nd January2013

53 Institute of Pharmacy Guest lecture 2012 PPH0077
54 Entrepreneurship Lecture innovation and thinking out

of the box,1st November 2012

55 Ph. D. Orientation Programme Anusandhan, 31st October

to 2nd November 2012

56 Foundation day, Institute of Pharmacy, 1st October 2012 PPH0074
57 ICMR Sponsored National Seminar on Recent Trends in

Injectable Drug Delivery System, 24-09-2012

58 Rostrum 2012 PPH0072
59  Orientation Programme 2012 – IPNU PPH0071
60 Seminar & Open House on Career Prospects in

Pharmacy, 5th may 2012

61 National Workshop on Morden Instrumental Techniques

in Herbal Drug Research

62 Enigma Elevented’12(Photo C.D.) PPH0068
63 Nirmaquest‘ 12 PPH0067
64 Social Extension Activity at Jagatpur, 11th January

2012(Photo C.D.)

65 NIP Alumni Meet – 2011(Photo C.D.) PPH0065
66 Indo-American Pharmaceutical Regulatory Symposium:

Valedictory  Function (11th to 13th November, 2011)

67 Indo-American Pharmaceutical Regulatory Symposium

(11th to 13th November, 2011)

68 Rostrum 2011 (09th and 10th October 2011)   PPH0062
69 Foundation Day, Institute of Pharmacy, October 1, 2011 PPH0061
70 Seminar on New Horizons in Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Research Technologies

71 Guest lecture by Dr. Shree Ram (Photo C.D.) PPH0059
72 Guest Lecture by Prof. Ansari(Photo C.D.) PPH0058
73 Staff Development Programme (Photo C.D.) PPH0057
74 Orientation Programme 2011- B.Pharm PPH0056
75 AICTE Sponsered National Seminar on Natural Products:

Scope and Status by 2020, 19th & 20th August ,201

76 Workshop on Modern Instrumentation Techniques,

20th and 21st January 2011(Photo C.D.)

77 National Seminar on Drug Development and Evaluation:

PK- PD Perspective

78 Prof. N.S. Parmar Memorial Lecture, 7th March, 2011 PPH0052
79 Nirmaquest‘ 11 PPH0051
80 Cancer Charity Walk on 28th January 2011(Photo C.D.) PPH0050
81 Diabetes Awareness Programme on 19th December 2010

at Parimal Garden and on 25th December at Law Garden

(Photo C.D.)

82 Public Lecture by Dr. Subramaniam Anandan (Senior Scientist,

Southern Research Institute, Birmingham, Alabama)

on 27 November 2010

83 Rostrum 2010 PPH0047
84 National Seminar on Recent Advances in Drug Discovery,

9th September, 2010

85 Orientation 2010 – B.Pharm. and M.Pharm PPH0045
86 Group Photographs of Pharmacy Students, VIII Sem.

Students [Pass Out in 2010](Photo C.D.)

87 Career Guidance Seminar, 2010(Photo C.D.) PPH0043
88 Nirmaquest‘ 10 PPH0042
89 National Seminar on Alternative Synthetic Strategies for

Drugs and Drug Intermediates, 13th November,2009

90 Lectures Sessions by Dr. Mirjana Pavlovic, Research Professor,

Florida Atlantic University (From 14/09/09 to 25/09/09)

91 Rostrum 2009 (19th and 20th September 2009) PPH00039
92 Teacher’s Day (5th September 2009), Visit of Pavlovic 

Mirjana (14th September 2009) and Guest Lecture by

Swami Sarvasthananda (21st September 2009)(Photo C.D.)

93 Anti – Tobacco Awareness Programme At Chharodi Primary School

(27th August 2009): Organized by Gujarat Voluntary Health

Association and Institute of Pharmacy, NirmaUniversity(Photo C.D.)

94 Pharmacy Orientation (B. Pharm 1st Semester) 2009 – 10(Photo C.D.) PPH00036
95 15th August 2009, Nirma University(Photo C.D.) PPH00035
96 Pharmacy Building – February 2007 PPH00034
97 Pharmacy Orientation (Existing Batch and M. Pharm 1st Semester)

2009 – 10(Photo C.D.)

98 Open House and Career Counseling Session at Nirma Univeristy,

June 3, 2009(Photo C.D.)

99 P.C.I. Officer’s Campus Visit (April 10-11, 2009) PPH00031
100 WorkShop on Modern Instrumentation Techniques. 26th and

27th march 2009

101 National Seminar on Frontiers in Nanotechnology:

A Pharmaceutical Perspective. 20th March, 2009

102 Nirmaquest‘ 08 PPH00028
103 Foundation Day, Institute of Pharmacy (October 1, 2008) PPH00027
104 Rostrum 2008 PPH00026
105 Prof. N. S. Parmar Memorial Lecture (July 01, 2008) PPH00025
106 P.C.I. Officer’s Campus Visit (February 22-23, 2008) PPH00024
107 Nirmaquest‘ 07 PPH00023
108 Rostrum 2007 PPH00022
109 Pharmacy Orientation (B. Pham and M. Pham) – 2007 PPH00021
110 National Seminar on Trends in Supramolecular Nanotechnology,

Nanotechnology and Nanomedicines

111 Ganapath University Principal Dr. M. M. Patel Lecture PPH00019
112 Nirmaquest‘ 06 PPH00018
113 P.C.I. Officer’s Campus Visit (December 4-5, 2006) PPH00017
114 Rostrum 2006 PPH00016
115 Pharmacy Labs PPH00015
116 Orientation 2006 – B.Ph. and M.Ph. PPH00014
117 Meeting with Drug Controller- Dr. Venkateshvarlu PPH00013
118 INTAS Meeting for Animal House PPH00012
119 National Seminar on Supramolecular Assemblies, Nanotechnology

and Nanomedicines

120 MOU signed with INTAS Pharma for Animal House PPH00010
121 Pooja-Grah Pravesh at Pharmacy Building and Orientation

of Third Batch B.Pharma Students

122 Nirmaquest‘ 05 PPH00008
123 Rostrum 2005 PPH00007
124 Workshop on Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and

Chiral Seperation (18th Jan 2005)

125 Introduction of Post Graduate Courses M. Pharm in Various

Specialization and M. Sc. in Biotechnology and Biochemistry


126 AICTE Sponsored Workshop on “Environment and Pollution

Awareness with particular Reference to Pharmaceutical

Industry” (11/09/2004)

127 Orientation of B. Pharma 2nd Batch (26/07/2009) PPH00003
128 AICTE-ISTE Sponsored STTP on Current Trends in Formulation

Technology of New Drug Delivery Systems (1st-15th November, 2003)

129 Inaugural function of Institute of Pharmacy (01/10/2003) PPH00001